Approaches and Techniques for Deer Fencing

Netting:  A Better Technique for Deer Fencing.

deer fence installed on vertical in garden
The deer fence provides a tough protection to prevent wild animals from invading and attacking.

Deer Fencing is done in a variety of ways. To exclude deer from agricultural, horticultural or residential area, deer fencing have many techniques and solutions, which are being carried depending upon the area, the type of deer in abundance and the possibility of making it a temporary gated fencing. A typical option set would include wood fencing, electric fencing, wire fencing, synthetic fencing, pipe and other material fencing. The wood fencing can be installed up to a limited height and making it an inefficient fencing for deer. Electric fencing is not a good option while you have children or pets around. Wire fencing mainly includes barbed wire and smooth wire making both a non-effective approach. Barbed wire is a poor choice for deer, as they can get hurt in an attempt to jump and cross. It is usually used for cattle fencing. Smooth wire has so much open space that a deer can easily pass through.

Best Material Option for Deer Fence.

Among all the material opted for deer fencing, the netting is the best. A major concern while planning fencing is the height. While a white-tailed deer has an instinct to jump up to 8 feet, material for deer fencing should be chosen accordingly. One good reason is, even if you are not satisfied with the structure, height or any other physical aspect of your already installed deer fencing net, you can always alter it easily. The base of the structure is built with other materials such as wood, iron rods or pipes. Then, the mesh is installed above it.

deer fence taking care crops
The easy installation of the deer fence makes it a good option for protection against wild animals.

In the areas around forests and in wildlife parks, the netting is installed on trees and there comes no need of base at all. It is a very simple procedure and done with simple tools. A variety of net is available while mainly used are flat and flexible. Further recommended is the flexible as it follows the technique of installing deer fencing, efficiently. Moreover, net can be installed in one go. There is no need of cutting at all which is necessary in other material such as pipes and rods. It is impact-resistant as it comes back right in to shape as it was before.

Talking about further options available among the types of mesh or netting, polyethylene is observed as a better option than polypropylene as it is less damaging to the environment. Hence you have to choose the material for netting that keeps your crops saved from the deer and at the same time, it is long lasting and can be used for multiple crops and different seasons.

Techniques of Deer Fencing

While installing deer fencing net, there should be no confusion about the way it is done. The base or net should be properly intact with the ground else, the deer can push under it. Choose the quality net with low visibility to ensure that the crops cannot be seen easily. The reason is that the deer already has poor sight and when the fence also has low visibility, it will be hard to predict for deer the height to jump. The choice of stronger deer fencing net will be recommended as the weight of deer can be varied.

A good recommendation is to install the net in a slant position instead of juts rising it up in the air. This way, even if the deer jump up to the fence height, the curve can be useful to refrain the deer to cross the fence. Hence you not only have to consider the material used for the net but also its installation does matter a lot to keep the deer away from your crops. If you install the deer fence carelessly then it will go in vain. Creating the firm base and appropriate height for the fencing is more than important otherwise it won’t help to fulfill the purpose.

fence used for crops protection against deer attack
To obtain a good protection is to perform an adequate installation of the fence.

If you are new at installing the deer fencing, it is suggested to get the help of some professional because:

  1. Deer fencing has to be installed precisely and must be maintained on regular basis
  2. A fence built and installed by the professional is more likely to keep the animals away from your crops
  3. If the fence is installed properly, it will help your crops saved from insects as well
  4. A professional can train you how to keep your fence clean from the bushes, tree branches and the dust to make it work longer

Green Approach

Deer Fencing is a great way to save your plantation. It can be used as crop net and can be implemented around small vegetable garden as well as bigger crops. For small gardens, such a fence can be easily built with wood and mesh. For larger crops, the above mention techniques would be practical. Seeing it as crop net, it becomes multipurpose fencing very cost efficiently. High deer fencing can also help in bird control around agricultural or horticultural plantation. For effective bird control with deer fencing, sprays can be used on the net at the higher area. The best thing about deer fencing is that it works. A good time of fencing kept properly, and you can see greenery in abundance. Vegetation and forestry can be stabled and thus the damage done by grazing is adjusted.

Deer Fencing
The deer fence provides good crop protection without harming the environment.

In particular, the option of net among all material for deer fencing is also earth friendly and can be a good green approach. While installing the net deer fencing, very less harm is done to the ground. Hence by adopting the green approach you are not only saving the mother earth but also you are taking great advantage of the fencing while keep your crops away from any potential damage by the animals and birds at the same time.