Deer Jumping over Fence Has a New Meaning around Christmas

Deer Jumping over Fence Are Not Always a Threat

Protect Your Garden With Fence

Deer are wild animals that eat flowers and vegetables making often a lasting damage to your garden. Building a deer fence is a reliable way to keep these beautiful creatures in the safe distance. Deer jumping over fence is a common case on the farms surrounded by woods. Deer jump over 4 feet without any effort. Unless you grow something highly tempting, the fence of this size can serve its purpose. Going with 6-foot toll fence provides you much more security. Such fence is not easy to jump over but some deer injuries happen from time to time. As deer are protected species in many areas, causing the injuries they may die on is not a good solution. Starving deer jumping over fence of 8-foot happens occasionally but it is more common that they simply go around. This fence height is a safe solution for both – your garden and deer. Only a low number of deer injuries happened on the 8-foot fence. However, it has not known that some deer jumped over a 10-foot fence. Such fence will really serve as a barrier. It will deter deer and keep them uninjured in the safe distance. Deer have the advanced peripheral sight that enables them to see predators on time. Their binocular vision is confined, and for their bad depth perception, leaning fences and double fences are also good solutions if you don’t want to build the high fence.

Deer Jumping Over Fence
The fence provide the ideal protection against the attack of deer.

Deer as a Motif for Decoration

Winter is coming, and it is a high time for deer jumping over fence to get a completely new meaning. Deer is a favorite motif in the rustic décor but it is not less present in public spaces. Parks and gardens are complemented with sculptures of these animals. We are also seeing it as an ornament in the Christmas décor. They look great on the Christmas tree in the variety of materials, from wood to glass and metal. In the winter time, our gardens are standing still waiting for the spring and the beginning of the new season. They are less endangered by pasts and animals than in other parts of the year. Winter time is about the right time to create the outdoor decoration that will give a new astonishing look to our courtyards. We all are fond of decorating our homes for Christmas and our courtyard is certainly a part of our home. Deer jumping over fence is a perfect Christmas display that will make the courtyard look special. The basic idea can be enriched with led lights and animation. Bright blinking lights and the illusion of movement create a great holiday atmosphere. The fence looks like it is covered with snow, and the effect is even bigger if you place two deer jumping over fence side by side.

Perfect Christmas Outdoor Scenery

Chicken wire yard decoration gains in popularity every year for many reasons. It can be combined with decoration in other materials, and it can match any size of the courtyard. Hand-made deer heads out of chicken wire have often been placed on walls and additionally decorated with flowers. If you intend to release your creativity, you can make the sculpture in the real size. It can be part of the group or it can stand independently. Think of fixing it to the fence to achieve deer jumping over fence performance. It is neither complicated nor it demands hours of hard work. After a short brainstorming, decide to include it in Christmas decoration and make it yourself. Chicken wire is flexible and easily bent material that keeps the form. It is ideal for sculpting. You can start with making cone shapes in adequate sizes for a deer you have in mind. Pay attention to proportions and size of the deer. You don’t want it to be bigger than the fence. Leave the antlers at the end of your work. You will need several different cones for them; one long and twisted and other smaller that will be put on it. After the deer has been created, feel free to add lights, bells, ribbons, and whatever you think to look nice.

garden protected by deer fence barrier
You can use the deer fence of the decoration for get a christmas party.

Excellent Result with Little Time and Effort

Creating your own deer jumping over fence is a challenge but the result is rewarding. Ideas and inspiration are everywhere around us, and Christmas is a holiday we are waiting all year long. So much joy and pleasure for the family and friends get along with decorating and making a special atmosphere. You can do it all by yourself or you can include members of your family or the friends for more fun and excitement. Premium quality chicken wire provides you the basis for your project, and the rest is up to you. Think on all great sceneries you admired and that you might not afford. The price is certainly not the reason for you should forget about the idea. Deer jumping over fence sometimes represent a threat to farms and garden, and sometimes it is a decoration we want to see and enjoy in our courtyard. It can be related to other settings having been planned for Christmas or it can stand independently. In both cases, it shows uniqueness, creativity and personal touch. If you create doe and fawn, it will be the perfect association to Bambi, this little hero and a favorite of children. Sure will they be happy to see it in their own courtyard. There are many possibilities how to make the courtyard look great for Christmas; deer are certainly one of them. The best is that you need only three things: good will, little time, and a top quality chicken wire.

wall made with deer fence installed on garden
Use the deer fence is a ideal method so much for protection against wild animals and use for decoration for get the best christmas party.

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